Seamless Bluetooth connectivity in your apps, with AbleLib SDK

Same code, simple solutions, great support.

iPhone mock

No more BLE hassle

Android and iOS differ in their approach to Bluetooth, and using it can get messy. AbleLib takes care of that. Right off the bat, you can:

  • Check Bluetooth availability and permissions.
  • Scan for nearby devices.
  • Pair with devices and maintain an automated storage.
  • Seamlessly communicate with Bluetooth devices, with handled errors and retries.
  • Use sockets for a streamlined peer-to-peer communication.
  • Implement complex facilities such as background mode.

Complex tasks become a few lines of code:

  • // Scan for nearby devices
    AbleManager.shared.scan { result ->
      result.onSuccess { 
        // handle the devices set
      }.onFailure {
        // an exception has occurred
  • comm.actions
      .readCharacteristic { char in
        print("Char value: \(char.value)")
    L2capSocket(secure = true, device, psm).run {
      try {
      } catch (e: AbleSocketException) { }